Aftercourse Post-Sex Wipes

Posted: September 09, 2018
Aftercourse Post-Sex Wipes
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Oh boy, a pocket-sized crotch shower! Aftercourse Wipes are post-sex wet wipes designed specifically to clean up sensitive areas of your body that have just bumped and grinded with sensitive areas of someone else's. Or sometwo else's!

Despite using a (cheesy) "STD" acronym on their packaging, Aftercourse Wipes are very careful not make any claims about preventing or "wiping away" any specific STDs from your body post-coitus. And you shouldn't expect them to do anything soap and water can't. The wipes are more of a way to tidy up and refresh your parts without the need to jump in a shower, or do awkward things at the sink. Individually wrapped options can also help you out when you're camping, or otherwise having sex in the great outdoors. Or in the back of a car. Or on a desk at your office. Or amidst the friendly skies.

And maybe unlike other wet wipes, Aftercourse Wipes are made of ingredients that shouldn't irritate sensitive skin and prized bits. The wipes are alcohol-free and PH-balanced, and contain tee tree oil, a natural antibacterial agent. They have an added lemongrass scent, which most people will find inoffensive. Better than sweaty gym socks and a can of sardines anyway.

Aftercourse Wipes are sold individually wrapped in packs of 10 (follow link above), as well as in 2-pack samplers, and 69-packs (yuk, yuk, yuk) of flushable wipes.

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