Activated Charcoal Liquid Soap

Posted: August 29, 2015
Activated Charcoal Liquid Soap
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Activated charcoal. You can eat it in hellfire burgers. You can brush your teeth with it for impurity removal and, ironically, whitening power. You can swallow it in pill form to alleviate hangovers and food poisoning. And now Latika Soap tells me you can wash your hands with it for superior and natural cleansing and detoxification. Dude, you can use charcoal for everything! It's like the new duct tape or Windex.

Latika's Activated Charcoal Liquid Soap contains organic vegetable oils along with its activated bamboo charcoal, and is scented with a blend of vetiver, mint, and patchouli. The company recommends using it to help scrub your body free of the chemical elements encountered throughout the day and after eating Taco Bell. The 8-ounce bottle of soap is also SLS- and Paraben-free.

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