The Tube Combo Luggage & Neck Pillow

Posted: December 05, 2022
The Tube Combo Luggage & Neck Pillow
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You don't need to be in London to take The Tube, but you certainly can take The Tube in London. And to London. You can even take The Tube on the Tube in London. A piece of luggage that also serves a travel neck pillow, this Tube is an efficient and, when it comes to the airlines, sneaky way to bring extra clothes on a trip, or avoid a checked bag and its associated fees, while giving yourself some extra support and a modicum of additional comfort as you try to sleep through your flight. Or your road trip. Or your extended ride on the Tube.

You can stuff The Tube with the equivalent of 10 large T-shirts, or about enough clothing to last for 2 to 3 days. Once it's stuffed with stuff, bend The Tube into an arc, and clip it there using the attached clasp and d-ring to form your neck pillow.

In addition to overnight travel, The Tube could also make a good bag for the gym, day hiking, skiing, and biking.

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