G-RO Carry-on: The One Bag

Posted: October 16, 2015
$279 - $378
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While the greedy, unchecked executives of the airline industry continue to make flying more difficult, expensive, and miserable for their own profits, private companies like Ostrich and G-RO are developing ways to make air travel more comfortable, more efficient, and less of a giant pain in the airplane. (And, OK, they're trying to make some money too).

G-RO is one of the latest debuts of what's turning into the Season of Luggage. While the carry-on doesn't tout Smart!, Bluetooth!, or Able to Mask the Smell of Weed from Police Dogs! as its top selling point, it does claim to be "fundamentally changing the landscape of luggage carriers through design and capabilities," and hopes all who buy it will fall under the G-RO spell and consider it their One Bag.

G-RO's most obvious upgrade to a standard carry-on is its reinvented wheels. Creator Netta Shalgi spent months on their design and testing, with the result a pair of ultra-slim, lightweight, large-diameter disks able to traverse any surface or terrain. Made of super-strong aerospace and firearm-grade polymers, the wheels should roll smoothly over steps, curbs, gravel, cobblestones, even snow. In addition to saving travelers from heaving their bags up stairs, fighting with them every rough step or snag, or just giving up and carrying them, the cooperative G-RO wheel design will make the bag feel lighter and more balanced, and allow for faster movement when rolling it.

The durable wheel structure also reinforces the walls of the G-RO bag to reduce damage during use or third party handling. The rest of the carry-on is made of ballistic nylon, YKK nylon zippers with a "roller coaster" design for the equal distribution of content stress, and a waterproof base with an arched belly to keep the bag dry and scrape-free.

Inside, G-RO has a dual compartment for clothing/accessory compaction and separation. An outer large zippered compartment holds tech/work items travelers might want access to at the airport or during the flight, and a smaller outer pocket was designed especially for liquid storage and quick access for removal at security.

G-RO users have the option of making their carry-on Smart with the addition of an electronic module. Each bag has a built-in charging station with 2 iPad-strength USB outlets, a universal power outlet, and a tablet stand in front of its retractable handle. Add the electronic module and you'll get 23,000mAh of battery power (strong enough to charge a smartphone up to 10 times) along with a proximity detector and bag location tracker.

Pledge for your One Bag during G-RO's run on Kickstarter, continuing through December 13, 2015.

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