Captain America Shield Backpack

Posted: May 16, 2015
Captain America Shield Backpack
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School's out for summer. But school is not out forever. Sorry. Alice Cooper lied. I also hear the Age of Ultron is coming. Followed by a Civil War. Better gather your EDC pens, notebooks, and laptops and shield up!

At least in appearance, the Captain America Shield backpack doesn't stray too far from Steve Rogers' impenetrable mechanism of defense. Its hard outer shell is decorated in the classic blue-star-bullseye design and its straps, to quote exclusive distributor ThinkGeek, "look like Captain America's uniform gear things." Behind the shield lies space for your most sensitive and precious personal effects. The backpack has a large main pocket, a pair of accessory pockets, and a padded laptop pocket. Flip the pack over and the geeky salute to our country's finest man of service continues with a textured navy blue design resembling Captain America's uniform front.

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