Titanium Embrite Glow Fob

Posted: December 17, 2016
Titanium Embrite Glow Fob
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The bad news is that this titanium glow-in-the-dark fob is not fitted with a vial of tritium, and therefore does not glow without help, shine brighter the darker it gets, and have a half-life of 12.3 years. The hand-made Embrite glow pellet inside this 6AI-4V titanium housing needs some daytime or light bulb charging to achieve its brilliant blue-green glow. But I think overall, its non-tritium-ness dings the GITD keychain fob only a few cool points. It will still get the seek-and-find job done in the dark, and once exposed to light can hold its blaze for up to 12 hours.

The Titanium Embrite Glow Fob's uniform bead blasted matte finish housing is 1.58" long, and fitted with the Embrite stick weighs just 0.16 ounce. The keychain comes packaged in a foam-lined case and has an affixed 7/16" diameter split ring, plus a snap clip for attachment to bags, zippers, and other items.

Fob maker TEC Accessories also makes a less expensive anodized aluminum version of the keychain here and a stainless steel one here.

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