The BevBuckle - Retractable Drink Holder Belt Buckle

Posted: December 08, 2017
The BevBuckle - Retractable Drink Holder Belt Buckle
$24.95 - $34.95
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The BevBuckle is business in the front...wait...nah. It's a chunky metal belt buckle with your choice of anything from a longhorn to a largemouth bass on it that flips down to form a perfectly sized, perfectly stable holder for your bottle or can of beer. The BevBuckle is party in the front, bigger, better party in the back.

Having done its time on Shark Tank and TruTV's World's Smartest Inventions, the BevBuckle achieved viral popularity for its clever, almost enviable design. It looks and acts like a standard belt buckle when closed, and then folds down to form a platform that, along with a pop-up center wire, holsters your drink when happy hour hits.

Yeah, BevBuckle style choices are all pretty tacky, but you could argue that the whole concept of setting your beer in a crotch koozie is pretty tacky, so mounting a giant American flag or state of Texas on your pants just adds to the schtick.

At printing BevBuckles were flying out of Santa's workshop faster than the BevElves could keep up. Orders are filled in the order they're placed, and not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. Check out my Best Gifts for Men guide for stuff that is.

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