Solar-Powered Air Conditioned Bed

Posted: July 13, 2017
Solar-Powered Air Conditioned Bed
$388 - $776
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The Solar AC Bed wants to make it a Bananarama cool (cool!) cool summer without draining your wallet or sucking excess power from the grid. This modular cot frame surrounds your existing bed and absorbs solar energy throughout the day. At night, it funnels that energy into its air conditioner unit, enveloping you, and anyone else within the Solar AC confines, in sweet chilled air as you sleep.

Created by the Aries Group out of UAE, the Solar AC Bed addresses 2 issues: 1) Air conditioners' high energy consumption; and 2) The inefficiency of running "free-wandering" units or central systems that end up cooling areas of your home that don't need it. Especially at night. Especially when they're not sweating like a pig who know what's for dinner like you are.

The Solar AC Bed restricts and focuses cool air to the bed area, typically the only area that needs it when you're sleeping. Aries says it operates silently, and can achieve an 80% reduction in AC energy consumption, saving both at-home and commercial users 25% to 70% on energy bills.

Given its environmentally friendly nature, and that the frame also serves as a mosquito and critter barricade, Aries sees the Solar AC Bed as a useful addition to the eco-tourism industry as well. And the company notes that if solar energy is insufficient, the frame can plug into a standard electrical outlet too.

I didn't see any tech specifics on the bed's AC unit or solar panels, but Aries includes an inquiry form on its product page if you're interested in pursuing a Solar AC Bed for your own home. Or you could go a simpler route and get a BedJet.

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