Sawyer Utility Bracelet

Posted: March 07, 2019
Sawyer Utility Bracelet

I like the Sawyer Utility Bracelet. I like it for its leather-and-steel aesthetic, and I like it for its proposed method of carrying around a utility knife, which is one that takes up zero room, and creates zero bulge in my pocket or bag. The bracelet's concept isn't a new one and, unlike Leatherman's Tread Bracelet, it's just the single blade Sawyer holds inside its clasp, but the design and execution appear to be done well, and I think it's going to look strapping stapped to my wrist.

The flat-tip knife locked inside the Sawyer Utility Bracelet may be its lone tool, but maker High Objects says it has multiple applications, including screwdriver, box opener, and "doohickey repair tool." The blade and clasp are made from rust-proof stainless steel. The bracelet's strap is genuine American leather, adjustable for most wrist sizes.

Sawyer Utility Bracelets come in 3 color schemes: black, gold, and silver.

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