OOOptic Lenses - Magnetic Adhesive Myopia Lenses

Posted: November 06, 2021
$39.90 - $49.90
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Like NakeFit stick-on shoes for your feet, OOOptic Lenses add versatility and minimalism to your lifestyle courtesy of the bond between adhesives and substrates. Oh, and magnets. Can't forget the glorious properties of magnets. OOOptic Lenses are magnetic adhesive lenses people with myopia (aka the nearsighted) can apply to a range of eyewear - from sunglasses to ski goggles to swim goggles to diving masks - to unblur their vision when wearing prescription glasses isn't practical. Or fashionable.

OOOptic Lenses come in prescription strengths -0.5 and up, and are sized to fit most non-eyeglasses. The 0.1-gram lenses are detachable once applied, thanks to OOOptic's included "sucker" that places and removes them with a maker's precision. Adhesion to glasses is achieved, initially, via 3M tape that sticks 8 (total) tiny magnets to your eyewear and OOOptic Lenses, and then via the magnets themselves.

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