Freakshop Belt Buckles

Posted: January 28, 2014
Freakshop Belt Buckles
$45 - $190
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Some days I wake up and long to give people the impression that I'm a dark and bluesy heavy metal rocker with an impossibly angular jawline. So I wear my Danzig horned or Misfits shadowy skull belt buckle. Other days I roll out of bed able to think of nothing but powering up the Technodrome, taking over the Earth, and destroying me some Ninja Turtles. Especially Raphael. That sai-bearing bastard. So I become the exo-suit for Krang. And on Sundays, when I'm typically in the mood for mesmerizing people into joining my snake cult, I don the buckle of Thulsa Doom.

Christopher Genovese uses movies, music, and pop culture as inspiration for his eclectic collection of handmade Freakshop belt buckles. He also casts original sculptures, figurines, and oddities, such as busts of celebrities ranging from Heisenberg to Louis CK to President Obama. Should you want a character to hold up your pants that isn't already part of Genovese's Freakshop, he'll gladly take requests for custom designs.

The pictured Krang belt buckle is the priciest of the accessories. Oversized with some terrific detailing and depth to it, the dismembered brain is cast in urethane resin from an original clay sculpture, hand-painted, and hard-coated with a polyurethane clear coat. It is big enough for incorporation into a full-fledged Halloween or cosplay/convention costume.

The double snake standard of Conan the Barbarian's archenemy (and Sprint's new favorite hawker) Thulsa Doom is cast from an original clay sculpture and hand-painted in a cast-iron-style finish. Band Danzig's demon skull and the Misfits skull belt buckles are cast in high-strength plastic resin from original sculptures as well.

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