Flippin' Mittens

Posted: January 28, 2021
Flippin' Mittens
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If you can't score a pair of Bernie Mittens, might I suggest Flippin' Mittens as a close second in eye-catching and meme-worthy mitten designs? Running as a limited edition from Matt Benedetto's Unnecessary Inventions store (based out of Burlington, he's representing Vermont too!) Flippin' Mittens are sort of a glove-mitten hybrid, settling on 2 rather than 4 separate or 1 single compartment for your fingers. The flippin' fun part?

Flippin' Mittens corral Pointer, Ringman, and Pinky into an arcing chamber, while Tallman gets his own perfectly fitted finger sleeve in the middle. So when the arc bows down to the middle, the bird she flies free! So that never again will the risk of frostbite or the hassle of removing a cumbersome piece of winter gear prevent you from giving someone the finger.

Maybe Bernie would like a pair of Flippin' Mittens for the Senate floor.

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