Black Rhodium Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks

Posted: June 16, 2017
Black Rhodium Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks
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These Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks, made of polished black rhodium, and ready to spin real fast when you blow on them, are the perfect last-minute gift for Dads! Well, as long as you're a son with a healthy income. Or you have a dad who can lend you a couple hundos. You'll pay him back. No, you swear. This time you will.

The Deakin and Francis cufflinks are fastidious little designs. They have detailed nose cones and blades, and the fact the turbine really turns gives wearers easy access to a fun party trick and even funner pickup line. Here goes: walk over to a lady and hold up your arm. Say, "Hello ma'am. You look like you could really rev my engine. Wanna blow me?" She'll scowl briefly, and then see your awesome jet turbine cufflinks and smile. She'll draw her lips together, spin the blades, and the rest of her night will be yours.

Or she'll throw her drink on you.

And then you can ask the next lady to blow you both to spin your cufflinks and to help you dry off.

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