Bellroy All-Conditions Card Pocket

Posted: March 22, 2023
Bellroy All-Conditions Card Pocket
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Though Bellory calls it an All-Conditions Card Pocket, the "All-Conditions" part indicates this minimalist, water-resistant case is up for carrying any small, condition-sensitive pieces of EDC. Like a Roadie folding knife. A ForeverPen. Ooh, and a Thumby miniature game console. Bellroy also suggests using the All-Conditions Card Pocket for a bike tire puncture kit.

The Card Pocket consists of a pre-molded, water-resistant leather outer that clamshells together with a water-resistant Aquaguard zipper. Inside you'll find two stretch pockets, a raised coin / key pocket, and a key loop. Packed as a wallet, Bellroy's design can hold up to 10 cards, some folded bills, coins, and a few individual keys.

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