Stealth-X Carbon Fiber Snow Sled

Posted: December 12, 2013
Stealth-X Carbon Fiber Snow Sled

Carbon fiber. That stuff is pretty light, right? Hey! Cornelius! Good news! Next time we sneak onto the golf course to go sledding it's going to be WAY easier to schlep our implements back up the hill from the bottom! We'll probably get, like, 4 more runs in before being arrested!

What? The sled costs $2,500? Huh....

Hey! Mama! Good news! I found a brand new...uh...vehicle for only $2,500. It's called the Stealth-X and if you buy it for me you won't have to drive me anywhere anymore forev--...for, like, 2 weeks!

The predominantly carbon fiber Stealth-X from Snolo, a high performance alpine sled company out of New Zealand, combines a mono shell, a front ski, and a front arm into this professional-grade, industrial design award-winning sled that most people are probably going to injure themselves using inappropriately. If they can use it at all--Snolo warns that the advanced nature of the sled's construction requires some time and elbow grease to master.

Component specifics break down as follows:

MONO SHELL. Made of carbon fiber and contour molded to fit the lower body. A foam padded seat lines the sled base, which also houses a flip-up padded back rest. Riders lie back slightly during movement to maximize stability and steering comfort, as well as cater to the need, the need for speed.

When not in use, the shoulder straps attached to the Stealth-X back rest serve as a backpack harness so the sled can fold and mount from behind for easy transport. It promises to behave itself back there.

FRONT SKI AND ARM. The ski is also made of carbon fiber, and has attached foot pegs on its top side that slide forward and backward to accommodate varying rider heights. When riders are carrying the sled, the front ski detaches and slots into the mono shell.

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