Slopedeck Snowskate - Skateboard for the Snow

Posted: February 06, 2020
Slopedeck Snowskate - Skateboard for the Snow
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Show off your slick tricks on an even slicker surface this winter with a Slopedeck Snowskate. The Canadian-made hybrid trades in snowboard bindings for a maple cambered deck that mimics a skateboard's in both size and feel. On the bottom, the Slopedeck sports a proprietary Morphtech Base that "allows you to carve, hold an edge, and shred with stunning control."

Morphtech Base design consists of a closed-cell lightweight spacer that creates a narrower running surface an inch below the Snowskate's deck, dual-density foam shock absorption for a smooth ride, and arced grooves to give the boarder control, and make the Slopedeck experience feel like surfing.

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