ECO-ST Pet & Eco-Friendly Starfish Extract Ice Melt

Posted: February 01, 2022
ECO-ST Pet & Eco-Friendly Starfish Extract Ice Melt
$22 - $55
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I can't say no starfish were harmed in the making of ECO-ST, a pet and eco-friendly ice melt made from starfish extract. But I can say - and this is news to me - the de-icer uses starfish bio-waste for good reason: in addition to being "166% more effective than sodium chloride" as a snow and ice melter, some starfish are predatory species that are causing particular devastation to the Great Barrier Reef.

ECO-ST maker Star's Tech upcyles the remains of these invasive species into the primary ingredient of their ice melt, helping out both the governments / organizations that have culled the starfish and now must dispose of their waste, and those of us living in places hit with winter storms, blizzards, bomb cyclones, and snowpocalypses.

In addition to supporting ocean conservation efforts, ECO-ST's organic composition makes it pet- and eco-friendly in use on your driveway, sidewalks, and yard too. The company says its ice melt:

  • Is significantly less corrosive to concrete, asphalt, steel, and vehicles. It has a 0.8% corrosion rate, versus the 30% required for a standard "eco-friendly" de-icer.
  • Won't damage vegetation.
  • Is safe for use around pets (i.e., won't cause respiratory issues or paw burns.)

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