Waterwolf MXP 3 - Waveless Surfboard

Posted: February 16, 2014
$8,050 - $10,350
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Surfing without the waves. Stand up paddle boarding without the work. Water skiing without the boat. Waterwolf's MXP 3 is an electric surfboard designed to torch through the lazy waters of lakes, bays, bayous, deltas, and that 3,280-foot-long swimming pool in Chile.

German-made for beginning and advanced surfers alike, the Waterwolf can either assist in training, allowing users to practice take-off and board maneuvering in nontraditional waters, or simply serve as a recreational tool for trolling around the lake and picking up hot chicks on alligator rafts. Seemingly, Waterwolf (smartly) does not aim to be a substitute for surfing, but a practice aid when surfing isn't possible, or an entirely new form of water entertainment altogether.

The board, essentially a small boat, breaks down as follows:

  • Engine: Specially developed, twice-cooled propeller drive. Calibrated for optimal feed to accommodate Waterwolf maneuvers without stall.
  • Battery: High current resistant exchangeable lithium-ion battery with integrated battery management system (BMS) to safeguard it from short circuits, depth discharge, and overheating. Average battery run-time on the standard Waterwolf is 20 minutes.
  • Controls: Bluetooth connectivity for controlling speed settings and a pressure sensor controlled throttle lever. An attached security leash also provides typical manual stopping and wipeout safety precautions.
  • Display: Front LCD display that outputs Waterwolf speed, battery voltage, and battery juice remaining.

Waterwolf pricing begins at expensive and then continues the upward climb through 2 advanced models and several add-ons, peaking out at am I F'ing kidding you? (No I am not.) The standard package includes the board/motor-- available in petrol, blue, red, yellow, or white--the battery, and charger. Upgrades include a stronger battery for 10 additional minutes of runtime (30 total), a speed battery recharger, and a carbon fiber board.

Official Waterwolf sale begins on April 12, 2014. Those who would like to pre-order can contact the company here to start the process.

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