Scorkl Handheld SCUBA Tank

Posted: June 07, 2017
$200 - $600
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Bite down on a Scorkl and you'll score 10 minutes of untethered underwater breathing. No snorkel confining you to a foot below the water's surface, and no loading up with a 35-pound SCUBA tank and BC like an aquatic pack mule required.

The Scorkl is essentially a mini SCUBA tank with an attached breathing mouthpiece. Its small size allows you to grip it in your hand on land, and between your teeth underwater, for increased portability when you're heading to the ocean, and more freedom once you dive in. The Scorkl tanks holds enough oxygen for up to 10 minutes of one-with-the-fishies exploration.

Of equal interest, once you've sucked the Scorkl dry you can refill it with a simple hand pump and be ready to go again in minutes. (Using an included adapter, you can also refill the Scorkl in seconds with a SCUBA tank.)

Obviously Scorkl air capacity limits your diving depths, but it still gives you a much better vertical range than snorkeling, and is much less of a hassle to transport and use than SCUBA gear.

If you're interested in enhancing your ocean jaunts and watersports, or are a boater in need of a tool to assist with underwater maintenance and troubleshooting, pledge for a Scorkl on Kickstarter through July 7, 2017.

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