Pontos Packable Kayak

Posted: March 14, 2022
Pontos Packable Kayak
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Pontos is tossing their packable kayak into the mix of small vessels debuting for Summer 2022's boating season. And I mean, literally tossing it. The Pontos kayak weighs only around 7 pounds, and packs down to a size comparable to that of a 2-person tent.

Pontos' collapsible carbon fiber frame and 210 denier nylon shell set up like a tent too, with poles and connectors expanding and locking into place to create the structure around the soft hull. The shell's TPU coating creates a watertight seal around the kayak, and adds resistance to puncturing. An inflatable seat offers up some butt padding atop the frame, plus serves as a flotation device for the boat (not your body) in the event of capsizing.

At printing, Pontos had just launched a crowdfunding campaign for their packable kayak on IndieGoGo. Backers will have a choice of 5 shell styles, with an anticipated ship date of June 2022.

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