LOEVA Le StandUp - Transparent Stand Up Paddle Board

Posted: December 02, 2020
LOEVA Le Stand Up - Transparent Stand Up Paddleboard

I know this coneheaded transparent stand up paddle board might look like an alien, but I swear, it comes from France. (Look up the reference, kids.) It's even called Le StandUp.

Made by a pair of SUP enthusiasts, under the company name LOEVA, Le StandUp hails from the "little French California of surfing," Biarritz. LOEVA says the board's clear front and back panels are a world first (though we have seen other see through vessels around here before) and provide an enhanced, immersive, and hi-tech paddle boarding experience both day and night.

The Le StandUp frame is made of a lightweight carbon, and its inset panels a "nano-structured, innovative, and patented" material that delivers perfect clarity without reflection. A biomimetic fin is intended to glide the paddle board like a dolphin, twisting and bending with paddle strokes, and then returning to its original position. LOEVA says the upgrade delivers twice the propulsion power, 1.5 times more speed, and a 2N buoyant force.

For nighttime expeditions Le StandUp is fitted with a double row of LED lights that illuminate clear waters up to 50'.

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