Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor Mount

Posted: August 28, 2018
Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor Mount
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This inflatable Colorado Pontoon Boat is built to American Boat and Yacht Council standards, and comes with a motor mount, but if you want to go from floatin' to motorboatin' you'll need to supply the lips, cheeks, lung power, and boobies electric trolling motor yourself.

Classic Accessories designed the Colorado with a pair of inflatable 9', abrasion-resistant PVC pontoons that attach to a powder-coated steel tube frame. Whether you're motoring or paddling the boat with the included set of 7' aluminum oars, the Colorado Pontoon Boat is engineered to follow fish through the shallowest waters of lakes, bays, and rivers. But nothing faster or choppier than its Class I rapids rating.

Onboard features includ a dual-side stripping apron, 20 storage pockets, 2 insulated drink holders, a detachable fly patch, double hull pontoon bladders, a 6-position rod holder, an integrated anchor system, a padded plastic seat, and nonslip foot rests. The pontoon boat's max weight capacity is 400 pounds.

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