Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

Posted: February 04, 2014
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It's not a set of human gills, but at least Tribord's Easybreath snorkeling mask doesn't require technology that hasn't come forth from hypothetical existence yet to work. This will make it somewhat easier for two-legged wannabe fish to get their hands on...and heads in one. While the Easybreath mask carries the same depth restrictions as standard snorkels, it removes some of the difficulty and nuisance that come with breathing through a tube underwater.

First, there is no tube. Instead of biting down on a chunky, intrusive mouthpiece that may or may not be laced with MRSA, snorkelers fit Easybreath's panoramic full-face mask over their heads. This enables flippering fully submerged through water while breathing normally through both nose and mouth. Despite its extensive coverage, the mask retains a 180-degree field of vision.

Tribord also fitted its Easybreath with the same double airflow system used in domestic extraction fans to prevent mask fogging. And to preclude water from infiltrating the snorkel, the mask, and the human lungs, Easybreath has a built-in component that automatically plugs the top end of the snorkel when it's immersed.

The Easybreath snorkeling mask is composed of a silicone skirt and polypropylene rim.

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