Adastra Trimaran Yacht

Posted: July 21, 2019
Adastra Trimaran Yacht
$12 million
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The word "Adastra" doesn't look like it means anything, but the Adastra itself, a 140' trimaran power yacht, sure looks like it means business. Deliberately, to be sure, since the boat was originally built for a fancy Hong Kong businessman. Now, though, he'd like to pass it on to you.

For $12 million dollars. Which is still $7 million less than Bugatti's La Voiture Noire.

Designed by John Shuttleworth and built in Zhuhai, Chin by McConaghy Boats, the Adastra "adventure yacht" features a full carbon closed cell foam laminate superstructure and a CAT C18 1080HP primary engine. The trimaran's fuel tank has a modest 6,600-gallon capacity, meaning you can cruise around 9,000 nautical miles on the Adastra before you'll have to pull out the paddles.

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