VIREstove - Foldable Wood Burning Rocket Stove

Posted: January 30, 2023
VIREstove - Foldable Wood Burning Rocket Stove
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Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's backpacking trips, power outages, and survival situations, there's VIRE. The VIREstove is a portable, foldable wood burning rocket stove made for building fast and easy fires anywhere your outdoor adventures, or misadventures, might take you.

The namesake VIREstove V-shaped design creates a 45-degree angle to the ground at your wood's point of entry. Combined with a separated channel for air passage in the same angled shaft, its makers say the VIREstove enjoys smoother air intake, and a longer burn time per wood load. A pair of fold-out legs team up with the point of the "V" to keep the stove stable after setup.

The VIREstove is made of stainless steel, and weighs 3 pounds. Flattened and tucked inside its included carry pouch, the rocket stove measures 11.8" x 6.2".

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