Tubmarine Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Posted: February 03, 2020
Tubmarine Wood-Fired Hot Tubs
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Oh how you taunt me, Tubmarine! I could never afford your wood-fired tubness, and just looking at your modern design and eco-friendly marriage of recyclable stainless steel and sustainable soft woods, especially as I sit here writing this amidst a snowstorm - no! - a veritable snow dump, makes me think I should have listened to my mama and gone to work for Amazon 10 years ago. Oh how you taunt me, Tubmarine and stock options!

Brit Chris Galley conceived the Tubmarine as a wood-fired, eco-friendly outdoor soaker in 2013. Seven years later, he and his team have produced a hot tub that heats up in under 2 hours with no electricity, and minimal maintenance required. Tubmarines combine 304 or 316 corrosion-resistant stainless steel with kebony timber that needs no additional wood treatment, and is guaranteed for 30 years.

Tubmarines use Kirami wood-fired water heaters from Finland, made of AlMg3 marine aluminum. The hot tubs are all fabricated in the UK, and all materials used in their build are fully recyclable.

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