TowelMaid Outdoor Towel & Pool Toy Storage Racks

Posted: June 05, 2023
TowelMaid Outdoor Towel & Pool Toy Storage Racks
$149.99 - $169.99
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A TowelMaid outdoor towel and pool toy storage rack may not be very exciting in and of itself, but what a TowelMaid indicates - that you have outdoor towels and pool toys that need to be stored, because you actually have an outdoor pool, or hot tub, or other splish-splash summertime feature - is very exciting indeed.

TowelMaid storage racks come in a few different sizes, all built from PVC pipes that have been enhanced with titanium dioxide and UV stabilizers. The special treatment makes TowelMaid products UV, mold, and fade resistant. The PVC also has impact modifiers to add strength and durability to the assemblies.

Above is TowelMaid's original design, the 8 Bar TowelMaid. It can hold up to 5 standard full-length towels on its upper crossbars, along with a bevy of bathing suits, toys, and other water accessories on its lower crossbars. Store pool floats and noodles in between.

TowelMaid storage racks take around 20 minutes to assemble, and require a rubber mallet, and possibly your friend Cornelius to assist. Break the pipe configurations back down at the end of the season for compact stowing.

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