Zubin Axe Survival Staff

Posted: August 22, 2014
Zubin Axe Survival Staff
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The Zubin is a walking stick. That can also chop firewood. Or spear a fish. Or pop my friend Cornelius in the back of the head with a slingshotted acorn. Ping! That'll teach him to walk faster than 2.7 mph. Equally appealing: Zubin Axe calls its unique, camping-minded multi-tool a Survival Staff. I've never heard that term before. And it is music to my ears.

Zubin Axe staff construction consists of 2 pieces of natural hickory wood fitted with an ergonomic rubber grip. Dismantled, the staff and its multi-tool attachments can store easily in a backpack or knapsack.

Available tools, all made of 440C stainless steel, include:

  • An axe blade and cover, suitable for chopping wood, making kindling, or performing any standard trail functions of an axe or hatchet.
  • A saw blade for collecting firewood or helping build an emergency shelter.
  • A slingshot powerful enough to take down rabbits, squirrels, or other small game.
  • A dual-edge spear for hunting small and medium-sized game.
  • A fishing spear for acquiring water-based food or gigging frogs.

The Zubin Axe listing here includes a complete kit--the staff plus one each of the above tools. Zubin Axe will also sell the staff and single tool attachments separately.

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