Wrench Pocket Knife Multi-Tool

Posted: April 23, 2020
Wrench Pocket Knife Multi-Tool
$8.79 - $9.79
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While no one likes having a wrench thrown in their plans, it does seem you dudes enjoy have a wrench to accompany them. I bring you this titanium wrench pocket knife multi-tool hot on the nuts and bolts of the Ka-Bar Wrench Knife because it received a grand reception despite not even being a functional wrench. This folding hybrid is equal parts pocket knife and spanner.

The 14mm wrench is paired with a 17mm socket on the other end, the two forming the multi-tool's closed shape and 5" length. With the 440 stainless steel blade out - double studs allow for ambidextrous opening - total length is 7.5".

Available in gray, blue, or gold, the wrench pocket knife could make a swell gift for Dad this Father's Day. And, hey, the multi-tool comes in an iridescent rainbow hue too, so don't discount it as a Mother's Day gift for a mom who gets her hands dirty either.

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