Wood's Powr-Grip Suction Cup Lifter

Posted: November 21, 2018
Wood's Powr-Grip Suction Cup Lifter
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The Wood's Powr-Grip is a flat vacuum cup with an ABS handle for suction cupping yourself up the sides of skyscrapers for a fun publicity stunt onto glass, or any other nonporous flat surface, to give you better grip and leverage while moving it.

Press the Powr-Grip against, say, a glass door or window panel, and pump its side plunger to remove air and create the vacuum seal. You then have a load capacity rating of 125 pounds to work with during lifting and moving. A red-line indicator appears to alert you of any vacuum loss so you can re-pump, and a release valve lever facilitates quick and complete release.

This version of Wood's Powr-Grip, the N4000, is 8" in diameter and comes with a protective carrying case. Check it out if you need a gift for Dad or a Spider-Man in training.

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