Wet Circuits Water Resistant Power Strip

Posted: October 03, 2017
Wet Circuits Water Resistant Power Strip

Wet Circuits sound like something my mama taught me to stay away from. And they still pretty much are. But at least when they're lining up along Hydrofarm's water-resistant power strip, if you're working in the yard, hosting an outdoor event, or accidentally knock over your sodie when you respond to your Mario losing his Tanooki Suit, exposure to moisture and liquid won't shut down your power, or compromise your safety.

Assuming it works as advertised. Some brave souls from Tested give theirs a trial run in the video above.

Hyrdofarm uses a "patented design and special protective material" in the Wet Circuits Power Strip to reduce the flow of electricity when the device encounters water. Reduce, but not eliminate, so your equipment can continue to function. However, note that they call the strip "water resistant," not "waterproof," so there's still no drying your hair in the bathtub allowed.

The Wet Circuits Power Strip is also surge protected. Outlets are 15 amps / 1650 watts, and the 14 AWG cord is 5'9" long.

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