Wazoo Survival Gear Kindling Gift Card

Posted: August 07, 2015

Think you have mad survival skills? Here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is. And then light it on fire. Following their survivalist's credo to the letter, Wazoo has created the Kindling Gift Card. It's just like it sounds. Buy it, spend it, break it, build it, and then...let it burn.

Available in denominations from $25 to to $250, the Kindling Gift Card is one of the few that still carries value even once its dollar value is spent. Keep it in your wallet, pack, or glove box and you'll be able to break apart and stack up the perforated wooden plate to use as a fire starter in an emergency. Or just to show off.

While most gift cards have the reputation of being thoughtless, last-minute, or cop-out gifts, I have to give kudos to Wazoo's transformation of theirs into one most dudes I know would be stoked to receive. Mucho bonus points for reducing waste and further promoting their brand in the process.

Wazoo also sells Kindling Gift Cards with with no gift value added for $5.

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