Solar-Powered Anywhere Fridge

Posted: June 14, 2014
Solar-Powered Anywhere Fridge
$199 - $499
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A fridge, a freezer, a solar-powered wonder child called the Anywhere Fridge. Portable for camping and sturdy and weather-resistant for transport or permanent outdoor installation, this wheeled powerhouse of food preservation seeks Indiegogo funding through July 18, 2014.

The Anywhere Fridge is made of 4 collapsible metal walls. It breaks down flat for storage and then pops up with an extendable handle for schlepping along on road trips, tailgates, and rustic(ish) tent getaways, or just setting up by the pool for easy refreshment access during the summer. Its top solar panels absorb sunlight all day long, using some of this energy to run the fridge during daytime hours, and the rest to charge the ion battery that keeps the fridge outputting cold air all night long. The battery can also be charged using a standard outlet or car cigarette lighter, and serves to power 2 built-in USB ports for device charging.

With small and large sizes available, the Anywhere Fridge proposes to replace heavy, sometimes sloshy coolers and ice chests. Its programmable temperature settings range from -8 degrees F to 75 degrees F, and a Fast Freeze function is able to rapidly drop the cooler's temperature to its -8 low. Small Anywhere Fridges weigh 20 pounds and have a 30-quart storage capacity. Large versions weigh 40 pounds and can store 80 quarts of food and drinks. Small dimensions: 12" long x 9" tall x 18" deep. Large dimensions: 25" long x 10" tall x 19" deep.

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