SkySaver Rapelling Rescue Backpack

Posted: August 05, 2015
$749 - $849
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Click. Hook. Exit. Forget JanSport and SwissGear, who here wants a SkySaver multi-story personal rescue backpack?

Though Morris Shahbazi, creator of the SOS Parachute GTFO system, might disagree, SkySaver says its system is the only device in the world that offers a fully independent self-rescue option. It consists of a fire-resistant cable wound around a fixed metal reel, both secured inside a backpack. Backpack straps unfold to form a complete chest/crotch harness with a load capacity of 66 to 300 pounds.

SkySaver backpacks are intended to serve as simple, practical escapes from multi-story buildings during fires, terrorist attacks, or other life-threatening situations. They come with cable lengths of 80', 160', or 260', and all have been tested according to ASTM and ANSI standards.

To use a SkySaver--oh boy, I feel like a flight attendant--first put the backpack on and tighten its straps. Then clip the edge of its cable to a preinstalled anchor point (tip: best to have this in place prior to the start of your emergency). Ready for the descent? Open a window or hop off the balcony and hope the SkySaver and its automated rappelling mechanism stick to their promised 3' to 6' per second lowering rate during your ride to safety.

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