Pull Start Fire - Pull String Firestarter

Posted: March 14, 2019
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Hey, hey, pull my fire! DOOSH! Instant log ignition. Now. Wanna make it bigger?

Pull my finger.

The Pull Start Fire is a super simple (at least from the looks of the GIF) means of lighting a campfire, bonfire, or emergency flames for smoke signals that requires no matches or lighter. Or for that matter, skills with a ferro rod or fire piston. According to its makers, this pull string firestarter also burns 2 times hotter than the competition, and for 30 to 40 minutes on its own so logs have ample time to catch without kindling.

To use the Pull Start Fire, loop its green string around a log, built a log structure, and then take the red string and Pull! Start! Fire! The listing here includes a 3-pack of Pull Start Fire firestarters, each weighing just 140 grams.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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