Outdoor Element Kodiak Survival Bracelet

Posted: February 18, 2018
Outdoor Element Kodiak Survival Bracelet
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Outdoor Element's Kodiak survival bracelet has a couple of unique "paddles" wrapped into and around its 550 paracord weave to help you get back down sh*t creek if you ever find yourself stuck up it.

First, the Kodiak's clasp is Fire Starting Buckle Outdoor Element has designed and has a patent pending for. It incorporates ferrocerium, or ferro rod, and a hardened stainless steel striker so you'll always have the means of making a spark in the palm of your...uh...wrist.

Second, embedded in the Kodiak bracelet's 10' of paracord are 2 strands of 20-pound fishing line, and a third strand of fire tinder. Outdoor Element has braided in a fishing hook for use with the former too.

The striker on the buckle can also double as a reflector, but otherwise, the Kodiak survival bracelet doesn't go full-on 15-in-1 multi-tool on its wearers. It keeps things simple, and assists with two basic, but crucial, needs if you're stranded: catch a fish; and make a fire. Don't starve, and don't freeze.

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