Oceanus Brass Cablelaid Cordage Tool

Posted: May 18, 2022
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Where there's muck, there's brass. Plastic muck, and Oceanus Brass, to be specific. The Oceanus Brass Cablelaid is a cordage tool and on-demand recycling companion that breaks down plastic bottle waste into yards and yards of usable string or rope.

You can find the raw materials for Cablelaid cords in your own trash can, or (unfortunately) in the wild, in the form of discarded plastic bottles tossed across land and water. A single bottle will spool out up to 50' of cord, and the Cablelaid is built both to turn thin plastics into delicate string, and to cut thick plastics into structural rope.

Not surprisingly, Oceanus Brass chose brass as the base material for the Cablelaid itself. The cordage tool is precision machined from a bar of solid brass, and consists of a chunky base paired with a more delicate top plate to sandwich and secure a replaceable carbon steel cutting blade. The piece is as satisfying to look at as I'm sure it is to hold and use.

Oceanus Brass is running a Cablelaid Kickstarter campaign to fund the cordage tool project. If you can't wait until it ends on June 30, 2022 to start turning plastic bottles into survival-ready cord, check out this plastic rope maker from Grim Workshop.

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