Lever Gear BitVault

Posted: July 19, 2021
Lever Gear BitVault
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The Lever Gear BitVault is both for your bits and your bits 'n' pieces. Beneath its sliding drawer the EDC keychain tool has a segmented chamber that holds hex bits, pills, toothpicks, a bill or two of cash, phone adapters, and any other small necessities you want to keep on you when you're out.

Great for cyclists and people who really like to screw, the BitVault comes with a Phillips head and a flathead hex bit, and has a dual magnetic bit socket on the end for snapping them in. If you have additional bits you want to keep on hand...for screwing...the BitVault will hold up to 6 of them.

Lever Gear makes their BitVaults in black and gray waterproof canisters.

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