Krazy Beaver Super Shovel

Posted: September 24, 2014
Krazy Beaver Super Shovel
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I want to know what crazy beaver Krazy Beaver Tools encountered that would make them think up a shovel that looks like this. My entire crotchal region recoils into my bladder at the mere sight of its teeth. Those aren't just Krazy, those are some demented, genetically-altered, see-you-in-my-nightmares Venom teeth. Terrible, terrible undertones.

But apparently terrific performance as digging and SOL tools. The Krazy Beaver Super Shovel and its jagged teeth were designed equally for standard gardening and Daddy-O tasks, as well as more extreme and off-road conditions, such as penetrating clay and ice. The shovel's head is made of heavy duty 13 gauge heat-treated tempered steel and its handle lightweight but strong fiberglass. The assembly also includes Tab Lock Pins for easy breakdown--from 40" to 20"--and storage in a duffel bag or truck box.

Super Shovel heads come to a point at their sawteeth, which are reinforced to prevent bending and breakage. Heads also undergo sandblasting and powder coating inside and out as a rust barrier. At their attachment to the shovel's handle is a permanently mounted, solid 14� fiberglass reinforcing core, and at the end of the handle a hollow storage section for emergency items, such as matches, flint, hooks, fishing line, and batteries. Krazy Beaver makes its shovels in one size (heads measure 11-1/2" tall x 8-1/2" wide) and two colors, Safety Red and Silver Vein.

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