Kombo Fish Tool

Posted: May 20, 2015
Kombo Fish Tool
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It bonks! Nicely. It cuts! Safely. It cleans! Efficiently. It sharpens! Er...sharply. And it floats. The Kombo Fish is a rugged, seafood-dinner-centric multi-tool that hopes to become an invaluable part of your tackle box on the lake, river, or ocean.

The bonk: Kombo Fish tools are made of industrial grade polypropylene and filled with 3 stainless steel weights at their "bonking" end. The company says it packs a "quick and painless" punch that will kill your catch quickly and in the most humane way possible.

The cut: A fillet knife fitted inside the tool features a handle made of Thermoplastic Rubber and a blade of high quality, but flexible 3CR13 Japanese stainless steel. Grips will be taut and cuts smooth as a toadfish's belly. (Note: Don't use the Kombo Fish tool to fillet a smooth toadfish. It is highly poisonous and eating one imparts toxins that will F you up in the head.)

The clean: Kombo includes a cleaning spoon on the back of the knife, designed especially for the dirty work. Scrape out the spine, blood, and other gutty fish parts quickly and without switching or soiling another tool.

The sharpen: Built into the bonking end, Kombo's sharpener keeps the fillet knife's blade honed and fresh for the next catch.

And it floats. Overboard wamp, wamps averted.

Kombo Tools are currently available in neon green. A camo version is headed to market in July 2015.

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