Hacksmith Mini-Saber

Posted: March 10, 2023
Hacksmith Mini-Saber
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I'm pretty sure "Mini-Saber" is just a fancy way of saying "torch lighter," but hey. Whether it's lifehacks, gearhacks, or wordhacks, they don't call themselves "Hacksmith" for nothing.

The Mini-Saber shrinks the iconic lightsaber - and tweaks the idea of what the battle weapon truly is - down to a "fun size" butane-powered lighter. Now, for a lighter, this thing is huge. It has a full-size hilt, grippable and wieldable, and a formidable, adjustable 4" to 6" flame. Hacksmith suggests using it to light campfires, melt through soda cans, and brulee the sugar tops of your favorite desserts and cocktails with some Star Wars style.

Not recommended is trying to use the Mini-Saber as an actual lightsaber against live opponents.

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