Gerber Jukebox Gentleman's Knife

Posted: October 09, 2019
Gerber Jukebox Gentleman's Knife
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Despite the name "Jukebox" it's not so much the 50s diner as it is the 50s barber shop Gerber is giving a nod to with their Jukebox gentleman's knife. The EDC piece is fashioned after the look of a master shaver's straight blade, with equally classic tortoise shell and marble acrylic handle designs.

Though reminiscent in appearance, the Jukebox has a fully fine edge sheepsfoot blade that's both on trend today, and useful for various tasks, such as slicing off a small wedge of one of the donuts someone left in the break room (like you won't come back for the rest laster) and scraping off the Adult Achievement Stickers some a-hole slapped across your windshield.

Jukebox gentleman's knife deployment comes courtesy of a very gentlemanly extended tang finger flipper.

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