FLIR Scout Night Vision Monocular

Posted: December 18, 2014
FLIR Scout Night Vision Monocular
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Presumably the FLIR Scout is a higher quality night vision monocular than the Night Owl*. To match its price point, which has been increased by...whoa, tenfold. That's even higher than the sevenfold of God's wrath that will rain down on he who messes with the Mark of Cain. This must be one helluva a thermal imaging tool.

FLIR promotes its Scout as a breakthrough in weight and optics. At just 12 ounces and less than 7" long, it promises clear on-the-move night vision without arm fatigue. The images the monocular creates from heat enable users to:

  • Navigate rough terrain anytime from dusk until dawn without the handicap of sight loss.
  • Spot nocturnal animals, lost livestock, or downed game. Ideal for hunters, ranchers, rangers, and backyard nature enthusiasts.
  • Locate missing people--or intruders--who become visible in otherwise adverse conditions.

Inside the home, a Scout monocular can assist with winter weatherization, revealing missing insulation, leaky windows, or drafty doors with its 320x240 VOx microbolometer detector, 19mm fixed focus, 24 x 18-degree field of view, and 2X digital E-Zoom.

FLIR's device has a rugged, weatherproof design suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -4 to 122 degrees F. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating. Usage is intuitive, driven by a 3-button operation, and image display options on the built-in color LCD include white hot, black hot, and InstAlert polarity settings. The Scout's range is calibrated to detect a 6' tall person from up to 350 yards away.

*See a helpful reader's explanation as to why in the Comments section below.

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