Estwing Machete with Saw-Back Blade

Posted: October 14, 2020
Estwing Machete with Saw-Back Blade
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The Estwing Machete with its saw-back blade brings us a lifehack in all senses of the word. Literally, this bad boy will hack away all the shizit in your life - from blackberry bushes overtaking the backyard to kindling-ripe branches encroaching your campsite clearing. Estwing says the machete is even game for some game butchering.

And figuratively, with its piggybacking saw blade, the Estwing Machete provides the little lifehack of condensing 2 valuable outdoor tools into one. Bonus: unlike the Omniblade machete, it also does it in a way much less likely to sever one of your own limbs along with those of your overgrown trees.

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