Death Wrench Tools

Posted: January 25, 2015
Death Wrench Tools

My favorite slayers of the walking dead over at Zombie Hammer have expanded their market. Now in addition to using their American steel implements of doom to whack zombies, you can also use them to fix a leaky pipe and drive to Fatburger. The Death Wrench collection features tools for the handyman and mechanic. Tools for the hot rod and chopper lover. And mostly just tools for the guy who likes hanging sick shit on his wall, and also bringing it to Agricola Mondays to make his friends Cornelius and Victor jealous.

All Death Wrench tools carry legal disclaimers and warnings against using the steering wheels and shifters on vehicles that will actually be driven, and the wrenches and hammers on people and objects as a means of inflicting damage. Yep, so...I have no further comment on that. Now let's take a closer look at the specifics of some Death Wrench tools and their trademark knuckle duster handles.

White Knuckle Steering Wheel. a 14-incher that will either dissuade a thief from breaking into your car, or make him want in even more. The knuckles are a fat 9/16″ and surrounded by a steel ring wrapped 2 layers of military-grade black paracord. Wheel are powder coated in a durable black and silver finish. The center hub should be compatible with most adapter kits available from Grant, etc. Death Wrench notes the White Knuckle has no horn because "we feel that yelling and shaking your fist is an acceptable solution to most traffic problems."

Red Shift, Blue Shift & Pistoff Grip Shifters. Complement your White Knuckle steering wheel or install a Red or Blue Shift on your custom chopper or bobber. Knuckles measure 9/16"; thick, with Red Shift positioning hands forward of the stick, and Blue Shift behind it. For the angry crowd, Death Wrench's Pistoff Grip steps in when pistol grip shifters don't quite fit the bill. It too consists of 9/16" "of solid f#@k you" and matches the White Knuckle steering wheel.

Nut Buster. Forged from 3/8" of hot rolled steel, this mammoth wrench measures 17-3/4" long and weighs over 3 pounds. Its span is 2". Perfect for all those 2" nuts you've been meaning to tighten.

Ball Buster. You've been looking for a 14" hammer, haven't you?

All Death Wrench products are designed and built in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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