Bubba Rope - Vehicle Recovery Rope

Posted: March 29, 2016
Bubba Rope - Vehicle Recovery Rope
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Bubba Ropes are kinetic energy recovery ropes (KERR) originally developed for the military to use in pulling their off-road vehicles out of mud, sand, and snow. Turns out they work just as well when me and my friend Cornelius get his Toyota Camry stuck in a shallow ditch practicing on-road donuts and have to call my mama to come down with her station wagon to pull us out.

Made of 100% double-braided nylon, the Bubba Rope uses exact mil specs for its splicing and coatings. The company says it produces the only snatch ropes with heavy vinyl polymer coatings and Gator-ized eyes, both of which contribute to the pictured 7/8" thick model's 28,600-pound breaking strength. Bubba's KERR designation means it will stretch when under load, and then actively use its own kinetic energy to pull your stuck vehicle out of most predicaments it's able to roll, spin, or full-speed-ahead into. The 7/8" Bubba Rope is recommended for use on 4x4 trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

Bubba Ropes also come in smaller diameter / tow strength sizes for lighter vehicles and ATVs.

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