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Posted: September 15, 2013
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I'm not sure I approve of the Bosse Tools ethos. An ergonomic shovel for driving through dirt and clearing snow that precludes its users from walking away from the grunt work with tweaked backs, sore wrists, and gimp arms? Uhhh...those are all my excuses for bowing out of the grunt work to begin with. Now what am I supposed to tell my mama when the sky white deuces 18 inches on her driveway this winter? That I can't clear it because I'm lazy and have no work ethic?

Bosse Tools creator Stephen Walden has designed a set of shovels he hopes will make tasks requiring intense physical labor feel less like intense physical wear, grinding, and pain. The structure and adjustability of Bosse Tools allow users of all sizes to work from a comfortable position, with their largest and strongest muscles conducting shovel movements and absorbing impact. Implements naturally encourage long posture, prevent wrists from bearing weight in a pronated position, and minimize shoulder injuries by cultivating a two-handed grip for lifting tasks that also keeps the load in front of the body such that weight distributes evenly across the shoulders and chest.

The Bosse Tools center handle rotates to set customized hand positions and better accommodate specific, varying tasks. Taking shoveling snow as an example, by angling a Bosse shovel handle toward the area where the snow is to be collected, the lucky SOB who gets to do the shoveling can accomplish each pitch in a single dig-scoop-fling motion.

Shovels come in 3 models: spade; flat head; and snow shovel, and can be pre-purchased during Bosse Tools' Kickstarter campaign, which runs through October 23, 2013.

June 2014 Update: Bosse Tools exceeded their crowdfunding goal and are now available for direct purchase.

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