Smartflower Sculptural Solar Energy System

Posted: March 28, 2023
Smartflower Sculptural Solar Energy System

The Smartflower isn't exactly a beauty in the world of flowers, but in the world of solar panels? Yeah, I'd agree this all-in-one solar energy system is a sculptural stunner. A clean, sustainable, and intelligent stunner, no less.

The Smartflower first removes the eyesore of solar panels from your roof, and redesigns them as an eye-catching installation for your yard. Or, perhaps you still think the Smartflower looks like an eyesore, but at least as a standalone structure, this residential (or commercial) energy source won't come with the hassle, and possible damage, of the roof panel install process. From seed to sprout to bloom - i.e., delivery to installation to connection - the Smartflower takes just hours to set up, remote from your house, in any location that suits you.

Sure, you'll want the Smartflower to have good exposure to the sun, but as the sun moves throughout the day, so too will the petals of your sustainable monument, sliding, turning, and shifting to interact with light and shadow, and maximize energy production. According to Smartflower, this clever tracking system allows their panels to produce up to 40% more energy than traditional panels, plus adds movement to the sculpture that only enhances its visual effects.

The Smartflower also has built-in safety features for high winds - it automatically closes when it detects them. In the closed position, integrated brushes automatically sweep sediment and debris off the solar panels, making it self-cleaning as well.

The Smartflower comes in standard, Plus (includes an integrated battery), and EV charger models. A companion app tracks and gives insight into the solar sculpture's energy production. Dudes and ladies wishing to acquire a Smartflower can reserve one, and then arrange delivery and installation with a Smartflower rep, directly on the company website.

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