Smokemiester BBQ Smoker Grill Converter

Posted: October 03, 2016
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Holy smokes...miester! A Weber, a hole saw, and a coupla Bud Light Limes on a Saturday afternoon, and my Bru-BQ Wayne kettle grill becomes a Bat-Smoker too! The Smokemiester BBQ Smoker converts any covered grill into a hot or cold pellet smoker / grill combo.

Smokemiester BBQ Smokers aren't cheap add-ons, but they do save you a few bucks, and a lot of space, on purchasing a separate smoker. You can also install these external accessories on smokehouses or, as one Amazon customer suggested, and old refrigerator. Smokemiester products require no power, have no air pump (they make their own draft), and take up no surface space on your grill grate since they screw onto the outside of your base.

Installation requires a hole saw and a 1 1/8" hole drilled into your BBQ, below the burners. The smoker burns wood pellets, chips, or chunks, and is compatible with any covered grill, though for pellet grills it works only for pre-smoking and cold smoking. The lower lid design allows you to control smoke output nearly to the waft during use.

The Smokemiester BBQ Smoker is made of iron and has a hi-temp powder coating. Its wooden knobs stay cool so you can maneuver the smoker without gloves when it's hot.

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