Kenmore 3-Burner Gas BBQ Grill

Posted: April 30, 2023
Kenmore 3-Burner Gas BBQ Grill
$341.51 - $431.10
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Kenmore's 3-Burner Gas BBQ Grills look like they came right out of the soda fountain. No, wait, The Peach Pit. No...Don Draper's backyard BBQ? All that to say, they have a snazzy, retro look, thanks to panels in colors such as pearl and teal covering their traditional powder-coated steel bodies. The styling might not do much one way or another for ye pitmasters using Kenmore's grill, but as a tool for convincing someone, such as a wife or a mama, to let you put it in the backyard, won't that fire engine red look mighty fine framed by her white hydrangeas, and the azure make a handsome complement to the marigolds?

The Kenmore 3-Burner Gas BBQ Grill has 30,000 BTUs of total cooking power, divided evenly between each burner. The primary cooking surface has 381 square inches of space, with another 131 square inches above you can use for slow cooking or as a warming rack. Its folding side shelves and quad of caster wheels make the grill easily portable if you want to put it away for the winter, or move it elsewhere in your yard.

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